I Just Can’t Help Myself…

So, we bought another fixer-upper. After feeling sort of lost with no home improvement projects in Indianapolis, the new place has a long list. We didn’t set out to take on another project, but after looking at 75+ houses in California, we were getting a bit desperate. We were living temporarily in a one-bedroom “corporate” apartment in Hermosa Beach. All our stuff was in storage. The dog was going nuts. Eve was at the office all day and I was trying to sort through the listings of houses that we could afford and would work for us.

See, we need a yard. We need a garage. Between two cars, three motorcycles, a cabinet shop’s worth of woodworking and construction tools, space is precious. And here in Los Angeles, space is expensive.

We had narrowed our search to two areas in the South Bay. Eve’s preference was the “Trees” section of Manhattan Beach. But prices are off the charts there right now. Houses are selling in a day if they even make it to market. We looked at one house that saw 40 people through the initial open house. (Mid-day on a Thursday!) We couldn’t afford what we wanted and would have been tapped out with no money left over for any renovation.

The other option was in a section of south Redondo Beach called the Hollywood Riviera. Prices are more reasonable. We can walk to the beach or into Riviera Village for dinner or to pick up a few things at Trader Joe’s. It’s still California prices, but it’s a lot more reasonable.

We ended up with this little Spanish house in need of a little love. It’s been rental property for some 20 years, but the family that owned it decided it was time to sell. We made a strong offer (one of seven) and luckily, ended up here.

The view from the street.

The view from the street.

The view from the patio.

The view from the master bedroom.


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