Quick Update About The BSofBS

First, thanks for reading and bearing with me as I get this thing off the ground. I’m backfilling some posts to try to get caught up to the current status on the project. I also have quite a bit of housekeeping to take care of to make the blog more user friendly and organized.

So, you can expect some things to move/change and generally look different as I go through this process. Hopefully we will get a lot of this work done in the next couple weeks.

For a project update, we are doing hard demo in 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and some closets. I’ll have a post about that, along with a post about the bathroom that is already finished up tomorrow.

Thanks again.

2 responses to “Quick Update About The BSofBS

    • We’re going to try. We filled up two drop-off storage units and are sleeping in the guest room while we work on the other rooms, once we are ready for drywall, we will move out for a couple weeks, do a quick demo in the guest room, then rewire that area and drywall everything at once.


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