Hell Week

I had hoped to write this blog in some kind of chronological order, but the timing of my schedule vs the timing of the project doesn’t always sync. I do have some posts in the wings that I need to get back to in order to really get my army of loyal readers up to speed, but here’s a brief update.

We are living through what I like to call “Remodeling Hell Week.”

It’s the time of the project where I would advise homeowners to move out of their houses. Everything is a mess and there is not a lot that can be done. Even if you clean, the next minute, it’s a mess again. After day one of RHW, even the dog had joint compound — AKA mud — on her. It is everywhere.



Plus, the house smells like drywall mud.

[Editor’s note: Strawman alert] Now, there are some who will tell you that they kind of like the smell of drywall mud.

In my opinion, those people are defective.

It is kind of a sickening, sweetish smell for those that have never experienced it first hand. But there is nothing else I have ever smelled that is quite like it. Trying to compare it to anything is impossible for me because I have spent so much time in newly constructed houses it over the years that it is distinctive. I recognize the smell immediately.

Fortunately, it only stinks when it’s wet. Unfortunately, as soon as it drys, the tapers return to apply more.

The tapers I hired were a lot more expensive than I was expecting. For example, on our last big remodel (Knoxville) I paid about 40 percent less for twice the square footage, plus all the ceilings were vaulted. I knew prices would be higher here in California, but honestly, I was a bit taken aback at some of the bids I received. That was about 6 years ago, so I don’t think inflation has grown that fast.

They seem to be good guys. They came in and Bazookaed the crap out of everything. It definitely goes fast, but there are lots of splatters. They did me a solid, though, and put paper down on the floor, so cleanup won’t be too bad.

A couple people asked me about doing the taping myself. I half considered it. I am actually a decent taper, but I’m slow. I don’t have weeks to deal with it. These dudes will bust it out in about 4 working days.

So, we’re seeing progress. The house is starting to go back together again.

And that feels a lot better than taking it apart.

One response to “Hell Week

  1. Blake – For the record, I never thought that Boots smelled like taper mud. LOL
    Although it was expensive to get the taping outsourced, it was likely well worth it – consider the time, effort and frustration you would have endured doing it yourself.
    Thanks for keeping us informed on your progress. The final product will undoubtedly match your other wonderful renovations.


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