Motorcycle Monday

New on the blog: Motorcycle Mondays…

First topic up for discussion is Race Suit Fit. I’ve never owned a true race suit. I’ve got a jacket and leather pants that zip together for track use you can see it in this shot. Problem is, I bought it for street riding. It’s too big for the track. All that loose leather in the sleeves is bad, bad, bad when you crash as it can fold up on itself when you are sliding on the pavement.


So, I just bought a new suit. I researched all the sizing info I could and opted for one size smaller than the jacket above. And it fits me great in the torso. Problem is, I am a tall guy, so the sleeves and pant cuffs are a hair short on me.

IMG_0781Now, the pic is not the best because it’s a selfie from a low angle, so it makes my legs look unnaturally long. But my questions for the motorcycle racers in my feed are thus:

  1. If my boots and gloves cover the cuffs, does it make a difference if they are a bit short? If I go up in size, I get a tiny amount of extra length and a huge amount of unnecessary leather in the torso.
  2. Can a good leather alteration shop add material in the cuffs? There are a couple out here (Z Leathers and Anthony’s Leatherworks come to mind.)  Should I bother?

What say you, good motorcyclists?

Let me know in the comments here or on Facebook.

Until next time

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