New Life

So where did I leave off? According to WordPress my last post was almost a year ago. Talk about writer’s block. Although, I guess technically, it wasn’t writer’s block so much as I just didn’t feel like writing. Sometimes the monotony of a project just wears on my psyche and the last thing I want to do is relive the misery by writing about the slow progress.

One of the challenges of a project like ours is that we continually interrupt ourselves for one reason or another. We have had several houseguests come to LA for a visit over the past year, which we love. But it does mean that the project goes full stop. It’s a process to shut down before guests arrive and to restart after they leave. So that slows me down.

We have also taken a couple trips in the middle of all this. Eve’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and we spent a week with her family in the Florida Keys. We visited friends in Knoxville for a week over Memorial Day.  I also just returned from Hungary, where I worked with a team of guys from our old church in Indianapolis to build several picnic shelters at a Christian youth camp outside Budapest. And we have a wedding in Minneapolis over Labor Day to look forward to.

Then of course is the waiting.

Waiting for contractors. Waiting for design decisions. Waiting for orders to arrive. Waiting for paint to dry. Waiting for thinset to cure.

I’m. So. Sick. Of. The. Waiting.

But, despite the interruptions and the waiting, work continues, and we have a lot of projects done and ready to show.

Over the next series of posts, I’ll get into the details about the guest bathroom, master bathroom and some of the work that has gone on outside. Looking back, there is quite a bit.

For now here are a few teasers:


I’ve been building a lot of cabinetry, including this vanity for the guest bathroom. It has one very cool custom feature, along with several others in the room.


The master bathroom vanity is one of my best pieces from a design and execution standpoint.



The ladies will go crazy when they see some of the cool bits and pieces that we included in Eve’s make-up vanity.


The master bathroom shower was an epic journey in glass tile. It turned out fantastic, but I never want to have to do another one like it.


Outside, we demolished our perfectly good patio, in order to put in an absolutely fantastic one. Find out why in coming days…


We added a private little deck off the master bedroom so we could enjoy the view.


So there’s just a sampling of things to come in the next days and weeks. I also have a few other topics unrelated to the project that I have been formulating in my head, so it’s possible that some of those will soon see the light of day as well.

Thanks for reading. And stay tuned…

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